I want to say our journey started 7 years ago, but the truth is that the desire to be a mom was rooted deep in my heart from a very young age. You can then understand the devastation my husband and I experienced 7 years ago when we discovered that we were INFERTILE. This news started a roller coaster process in us. Every month there would be a fresh wave of disappointment that would wash over us. The only way that we made it through those painful times was the HOPE we had in GOD and the assurance that He had a good plan for our lives. We investigated all our options and went to see all the necessary doctors. DECISIONS, DECISIONS – that was always the toughest part for us. But even in that we continued to push forward, knowing that God was writing a beautiful STORY.

It took us a while to even consider the option of ADOPTION, but came to the point where we realized we are parents without children and there are children without parents and maybe this was the plan that God had for our lives. Our whole story is quite unique but I have come to realize that every story is unique and beautiful and we just need to trust the AUTHOR.

I will never forget the Sunday evening we received a phone call about our little MIRACLE. That small flickering flame of HOPE buried deep in our hearts that we had not allowed to be extinguished, turned into a roaring furnace – our dream of becoming parents was becoming a reality. A team of incredible social workers from CMR (whom we will never forget) began walking the rest of the journey with us. As I write this, I am sitting at home with our little MIRACLE man –  the pain from the last 7 years just a distant memory – the joy of this little life entrusted to us,  IMMEASURABLE. God is faithful. He had a plan, an extraordinary plan and it was found in the beautiful process of ADOPTION.