At a very young age of 7 my Daddy passed on and I didn’t know what my family would turn out to be like. My mother was going to be a woman on her own with 7 children and I was one of the 7 growing up in the same household but I knew how strong my mother was, so I left it in her hands knowing that the only thing she had wanted was for us to be happy and have a good life.

During the December holidays 2007, I came to spend some time with my Dad’s brother’s family not knowing that this would become home for me. I lived here for 13 years and can truly say from the bottom of my heart that my life has changed in so many ways. I had the opportunity to attend good schools  and to live with a loving family. I couldn’t thank my mother enough for giving me a second chance in life by letting me go.  I found a home of love and God blessed me with a family that I love and that loves me in return. I have overcome a lot of things and I have come so far in my life at this age and I know it was all God’s plan for me not to go back home He knew this was my home.

I also wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for my sister Chamese. She played a big part in this because she wanted a sister that could look up to her and I really do look up to her as my big sister and my brother Clyme. Even though we didn’t grow up together we all have a strong bond. My newley adopted twin brothers were also given the opportunity to join my family and I hope to that I will be as good an example to the two of them.

My mother (Renj) is one of the Angels God put on this earth for me. My mother took me in as her own gave me a mother’s love. Without her our home would not be the same. She walks through life beside all of us and does great things for all of us. My mother is the one person I will always hold in my heart and thank God for the wisdom He has blessed her with. I have learnt so much from my family. I raised me to become a Godly woman and I couldn’t thank them enough for what they have done for methese past 13 years.

I am 19 now out of school studying Early Childhood Development through Hardboz Training Solution. I really do enjoy what I am doing and my family supports my passion for woring for children.

I have come this far and I believe I have been called to be an example to those with stories like just like mine. I believe this was God’s plan for me and that there are still far greater things to come.

  • Davenia