A tragedy took place, my husband’s brother got shot leaving his wife behind with 6 kids of which one was a down syndrome. My daughter convinced us to take care of the second youngest of all and it was Davenia, who at that time was seven years old. We brought her for the December school holidays with the intention of seeing whether she will adjust to a different environment.

After the school holidays she did not want to go back home and neither did we want to let her go. The bond became so strong and at that time she was only Afrikaans speaking and we were English. We then proceeded with the required legal process and had her enrolled at a Primary School. She was not coping at all academically and I decided to take her to an Occupational Therapist for a few sessions of which they picked up that she had poor foundational development and urged me to work vey hard to help her catch up in order to cope in school.

This was a very tough road but I persevered my aim was not to give up. Davenia was still not coping, I remember how I would teach her something now and in the  next ten minutes or so she had forgotten all of it. Eventually after serious consideration I decided to move her to a Trade School. This was the best thing that could have happened to her, she excelled so well that she became Deputy Head Girl and even Head Girl in her final year. She received trophies and awards she was also selected to take a trip to Sweden. We were proud parents and always looked forward to Parents’ evening knowing that it would always be better than the last visit. Davenia is presently studying Early Child Development at an Institute and doing her practicals at a local Nursery School.

I need to admit that I am a very strict mum and I sometimes thought I was being too strict on her, and that she might turn around and say I am not her mother or will want to go back home, but I told myself, if I have accepted  her as my very own then I would treat her equally to my two kids.

Today I am a very proud mother to Davenia as she has turned out to be a success and that as she continues in life she will be more and more successful.

Davenia has become part of our family as well as the extended family and to this moment there has not been one minute of regret, she has stolen the hearts of many, locally as well as at Church.

In conclusion I would like to thank the Lord God Almighty for giving me the opportunity, wisdom and courage to take care of Davenia and would like parents out there to consider giving other under privileged kids who are Angels sent of God a chance in life and feel as proud as I do.  It is hard work but worth it at the end.

We were so blessed by our journey with Davenia that we decided to take in twin boy babies at the age of 6 months and that is another chapter on its own. We can not wait to see where this new journey will take us.

God Bless