My name is Neo Mashao. I was born and raised in Pretoria. I am married with 1 child. I am from a very close knit family. Our family anchors are our grandparents. This is where my life values were instilled.  We were taught to be honest, respectful of people irrespective of colour or creed, being mindful of other people’s feelings and God fearing.  I love interacting with people who have open minds and willing to learn in order to have different perspective about life. I find insensitive people challenging.

I have recently become a mom to a beautiful baby girl (5 months old) and it has been nothing but pure joy. Her presence has proved my resilience, ability to love unconditionally and selflessness.

I grew up being involved in community upliftment projects through the NPO I started. Through my interaction with social workers, my passion for the profession was ignited.  I then decided to enrol with Unisa because I sometimes felt inadequate when conversing with the social workers, because my background was HR.

I got introduced to CMR by my UNISA peers from Mpumalanga, most of who were either working or doing their practical work at CMR.  One Saturday morning on my way to town I saw the signpost of CMR Pretoria West and couldn’t believe my luck. My initial request was an opportunity to do my practical work at the organisation, and through God’s intervention I was offered an opportunity  to work as an auxilliary worker whiles studying  and after completion of my studies I have developed   professionally in the organisation and currently in managerial post.

In my profession as a social worker I always strive for professional conduct.  Our role seeks to develop healthy individuals, families, and communities. Through our skills (empathy, therapy), roles(advocacy) and values(unconditional acceptance) we can help communities overcome barriers that hinder change that is necessary in their lives.