CMR Derdepoort Centre of Hope, supplies a one-stop service to all our clients.

We deliver services through the following programmes.

  • Poverty alleviation and community development.

  • Child protection.

The Poverty alleviation program includes the following projects:

  • Feeding scheme and clothing project.

  • Pre-School Development project.

  • Job creation project.

Feeding scheme and clothing project:

We have a feeding scheme where 110 registered families with a very low income are receiving monthly basic food packets.
Clothes store: We supplied families with clothes and they can purchase clothes at very low prices.

Pre-School development project:

The day-care centre moved to new premises where 20 underprivileged toddlers between the age
of 3 and 6 years can learn and play every day. They are very lucky to have a trained pre-school
teacher and one teacher is busy with her training.
The toddlers receive two balanced meals per day and some of them receive occupational therapy.

The majority of this children are in high-risk family situations and the social worker can
therefore monitor and assess the children on a continual basis.
It’s a very sensible way in keeping children in their families, and ensuring that the children are safe.

Job creation project:

Job creation project every Wednesday morning for underprivileged mothers.

Family conservation:

In this program, we focus to keep children within their families. Service delivery is achieved through assessing, counselling and therapy to individuals as well as in family and group context.
Parents are empowered through an extensive group program of training and therapy.

Child Protection:

In this program, we focus on the protection of children. When children’s welfare is in danger (from e.g. physical abuse, molestation or emotional abuse),
they are removed through the Child Protection Act and placed in alternative care, e.g. foster care, children’s home or industrial schools.

Foster families receive continuous support and guidance.
Biological parents are involved in family reunification services.

Important Dates:

  • 13 October 2013 – Opening of new premises of the Pre-School Development Centre.

  • 30 November 2013 – Christmas tree party for all registered families.

  • 13 December 2013 – 110 underprivileged families receive Christmas food parcels.

Needs of our office:

  • Stationery for children e.g. crayons, glitter glue, pritt, etc.

  • Schoolbags for children

  • Sweets, chips, cake and fruit juice for pre-school children birthday parties.


Kids Needs:

  • Basic Survival-kit: for children that are removed from a dangerous family-situation: decent bag with basic toiletries and a cuddly toy.

  • Schoolbags filled with basic stationery (for older children) e.g. pritt, pencil-case, calculator and mathematics set;

  • Schoolbags filled with basic stationery (for younger children) e.g. pritt, roll-out crayons;

  • Stationery (e.g. A4 hardcover books, 72 pages scripts; pencils and pens, coloured cartons, plastic and book covers);

  • Educational toys e.g. puzzles, skipping ropes, beads etc.

  • School shoes and canvas shoes – all sizes.


  • Plastic transparent crates for storage (30 big ones);

Contact details of the office:


128 Jurgens Street, East Lynne


012 800 3115 or 012 800 1394


Banking Details:

NPO Reg No.: 001-635 NPO

CMR Derdepoort


Branch: Derdepoort / 335 254

Account No: 1430230545

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