Unplanned Crisis Pregnancy Services

Due to a decrease in the need for accommodation, Berg en Dal facility for pregnant girls and women closed its doors on 1 August 2016. The need for services to pregnant teenagers and women and their babies is however, still continuing.

The Unplanned Pregnancy Crisis Service of CMR Noord renders counselling services to the pregnant mother, the biological father and also the extended family when they are involved.

The focus is however, also on every baby to en sure they are safe and protected fro m any possible neglect.

The Unplanned Pregnancy Crisis Service includes the following services:

  • Social work services to girls and women in the community who experience an unplanned pregnancy;

  • Placement of the babies in safe care with an order from the children’s court to ensure they are safe and protected from neglect;

  • Counselling services to the pregnant teenagers and women to discuss the different caring options for their babies with them;

  • Should the pregnant mother decide on adoption of her baby, the social worker will guide and support her through this process;

  • Should the mother decide on foster care for her baby, the social worker will assist in securing a foster family for the baby. The extended family of the biological parents will also be considered as foster parents for the baby.

  • Should the mother decide to keep the baby, the social worker will also ensure that the mother have sufficient support to care for her baby.

For more detailed information, please contact Ms Sandra van der Merwe, social worker responsible for the service

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