Who are we?


  • CMR Daspoort, in co-operation with 17 other Centres of Hope in the CMR North system, helps with the protection and safekeeping of children in high risk situations, due to physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse.

  • Protection of children in accordance with the Children’s Act.

  • Assessment and therapy of families and children.

  • The placement of children in substitute care by recruiting foster parents and/or adoption parents.

  • Continued support and training to biological parents and foster parents.

How does the community look?


  • Families have a low income, children leave school at an early age to start earning

  • Alcohol and drug abuse,

  • Prostitution, teenage pregnancies

  • Housing needs, food need, other material needs

Services rendered


  • AFRIKAANS: Daspoort Dienste

  • Family Preservation

  • Child Protection

  • Re-unification services

  • Foster Care

  • Statutory Intervention

  • Poverty Alleviation and HIV/AIDS assistance

  • New cases are being reported continuously by individuals or referred by other organisations, churches, schools, hospitals, the police etc.



Pre statutory services


Delivering of pre-statutory services which means that a family will be receiving food parcels, clothes for children, parents will receive training on how to play with their children, how to deal with difficult teenager at home.


Child assessments


Children removed from parental care due to neglect or abuse are often severely traumatized, they have developmental delays and struggle to make sense of their circumstances.
An assessment is an in-depth investigation into the world of a particular child. This investigation provides important information of the child’s perception of himself, his relationships and his environment and is essential in the planning of ongoing services. The goal of intervention is always to prevent family disintegration and to keep families together help with the healing process. If it seems that therapy is needed, both the child and the parent is involved in the therapeutic process.
Parental Guidance is also provided. This approach aims to ensure that action is taken with the child’s best interest at heart/ in mind.



How can you get involved?



  • Donate food for food parcels.(tinned food, maize meal, sugar, soy products, rice)

  • Donate blankets for the winter

  • Sponsor a child’s therapy, R 3000 per child

  • Sponsor a child’s crèche fees, R 600 per month

  • Cash donations



What can we provide? :

  • We will issue an Section 18(A) certificate

  • We will issue a BEE certificate.

Contact Details:

Bestuurder: Petro Fourie
E-pos : petro50fourie@gmail.com

Sekretaresse Naam:

Marthie Terblanche


Fisiese Adres:

NG Kerk Wonderboompoort

Deneyssenlaan 492

Mountain View



012 379 5860

Banking details:

NPO Reg No:

001-634 NPO

Account Name:

Christelik Maatskaplike Raad Daspoort

Bank Name:

ABSA Hercules

Rekening Nommer:



080 151 527

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help. Learn more below!

  • Support the Save-A-Child Project

  • Donate Non-money Items

  • Volunteer Your Time

  • Form a Prayer Group

  • Donate” your Birthday




The CMR North operates

through 17 CENTRES OF HOPE,

situated geographically in 3

Provinces (Gauteng,

North-West and Limpopo)


Head Office

Email: cmr@cmrn.co.za

Tel:  +27 12 460 9272/3/4