Who are we?

The Christian Social Council Pta West is one of the 17 Centres of Hope of the CMR North, which is a non-profit organisation, established in 1936, that consists of a professional network of social workers.Our vision is to give hope to people in despair and our mission is to be the organisation of choice and to be positioned uniquely to unite with other role-players to implement social service programs to transform the needs of individuals and families, into HOPE. We focus on giving people the opportunity to live life to their FULL potential through our team response to four (4) main needs in communities:

  • Family Preservation

  • Child Protection (including adoptions & foster care)

  • Poverty alleviation/Community building

  • HIV/AIDS protection and prevention

  • Support and care to vulnerable woman and children.

  • Education and Prevention

CMR Pta. West are rendering services to the communities of Pta. West, Proclamation Hill, Quaggasrand and Lotus Gardens.  Lotus Gardens is situated 25 km West of Pretoria on the North side of Atteridgeville. The main housing structure is RDP houses with approximately 40 000 inhabitants.

Identified needs in the area of service delivery:

The major social problems in this communities include:
Poverty, child abuse and neglect, sustainable job creation projects, HIV and Aids support and information, family violence and drug/alcohol  abuse, the struggles of single parents, unmarried mothers and other relationship problems.

Activities to target groups.

Funding is needed to expand on services to vulnerable children and adults.  The devastating effect of HIV and Aids and poverty in the communities place many challenges to the CMR Pta West.In spite of all the government funded HIV programmes already in place it is clear the community of Lotus Gardens are not updated with this programmes or the HIV programmes are not in tact with the needs of the sick and uninformed communities.  This forces the social workers from CMR Pta West to develop a programme to help the Lotus community not to fall behind on this matter of HIV.   Trough individual counselling the needs for information on HIV and Aids, information on the effects of HIV medication and  all the children left as orphans due to the effect of HIV/Aids

Group work

Therapeutic groupsStudents conducted group work sessions at a school in CMR’s work area; Brindhaven school.  A total number of 13 group sessions were run and 17 children were reached.Parental skills groupsClients from Lotus Gardens attended a parental skills information session. 47 clients attended.

Community work / Community development

ECD, Early Childhood Development support4 Day Care Centre’s in Lotus Gardens were supported by the office.  These day care centers received ongoing training and were also provided with equipment and food.  A total of 280 children are involved in this ECD support.Holiday ProgrammeA holiday programme was presented during the June 2012 holidays.  30 children between the ages of 10 and 16 were reached.  The focus of the programme was helping teens to cope with challenges like drugs, teenage pregnancies, abortion, supporting each other.Blanket donationA donation of 7 000 blankets were received from HANNAH CHARTIES.  These blankets were distributed to the school children in Pta West and Lotus Gardens.

Food support, feeding scheme and food parcels.

The social workers who delivered services in the Proclamation Hill, Kwaggasrand and Westpark areas referred families on a regular basis to the Wespoort feeding scheme that is functioning from the Dutch Reformed Church in Danville.The office distributed approximately 50 food parcels per month to families in Kwaggasrand, Proclamation Hill, Westpark and Lotus Gardens.   200 individuals benefited from this per month.A feeding scheme at schools in Lotus Gardens was started and 40 children benefited.  Due to a lack of manpower and logistical problems, this project could not continue.Other awareness campaigns and projects included;


  • Beeld Children’s Fund Feeding Scheme : 40 families, 200 individuals

  • Beeld School Bag Project, 49 children received a school bag

  • PEPFAR, 7 care workers visited 100 families with children

  • Comprecare care workers visited 100 families

  • School Bully Project, Students reached 843 learners

  • Women’s Day 2012,  450 learners were reached

  • Child Protection Week 2012, 240 preschool children were reached trough puppet shows

  • Human Rights Day Awareness campaign 2013, 830 children participated.

  • June 2012 Winter School Holiday Programme,  30 school children

  • Annual  Foster Parent Meeting, 47 foster parents attended

  • Training session for care workers, 2 sessions and 7 care workers

  • Training and information session for community day care centre principals and teachers, 11 attended.

  • X mas present in Lotus, 50 children were included

  • X mas tree and present in Pta West, 30 children were involved

  • Feeding scheme for families in need, 15 families were reached.

  • Services of a weekly play therapist to help 8 traumatized children, children with behaviour problems.


Forensic assessment per child estimates to R 1 000  per child
Therapy sessions per child R 250 per session, each child needs at least 8 sessions
Medical examination per child R 750 per consultation
Total per child R 3 750 per child.As this is very expensive and costly any amount to support these children would be of great help.

What can CMR provide? :

  • We will issue a Article 18A certificate

  • We will issue a BEE certificate., Level 3

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Bestuurder: Petro Fourie
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012 379 5860

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