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Social Work and Child Protection isn’t a Job –

By Maryke Venter

My journey with Child Protection started more than 40 years ago. I was born into a family where both my brothers were adopted. To be part of this journey has moulded me in so many ways and what a privilege to be part of a story of HOPE right from the very beginning. Because you see, our family would never have been truly complete without my brothers

At 17 I received a calling to become a social worker – something I never even considered before. This calling led me to the next phase of my journey with Child Protection.
I never doubted that I needed to support children and families in need.
In 2013 is started at CMR North as Director. This role gave me a front-row seat to the challenges but also the triumphs organisations face and have in their endeavours to protect children.

Our work is mostly invisible as it involves legal processes; because of this the simplest way to describe our work is to declare: We save children!


Please support this crucial work that may be invisible but has a lasting effect on every child we save.