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CMR North (Christelik Maatskaplike Raad Noord) is a Non-profit Christian Organisation that consists of a professional network of social workers that truly give hope to people in despair.

Our main aim is to give hope to people in despair.

CMR North dynamically operates through 15 Centres of Hope located in three provinces in South Africa: Gauteng, Limpopo and North West.

We focus on giving people the opportunity to live life to their full potential through our team approach & three main community programs:

  • Family preservation
  • Child Protection (which includes Adoptions & Fostering)
  • Poverty Alleviation and Community Work

Giving hope since 

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Centres of Hope

The CMR North operates through 15 CENTRES OF HOPE, situated geographically in 3 Provinces (Gauteng, North-West and Limpopo)

Our Stories of Hope

Over the past 8 decades we’ve learnt that every story can be rewritten as long as you add the right amount of hope.

Stories wat Saak maak

These true-life stories make more than a difference in people’s lives – they bring hope where often there isn’t even a glimmer of it.

Storie wat Saak maak:
Huis van Veiligheid

Nooit het ek gedink dat ‘n klein Xhosa seuntjie so diep in ons harte sal kan inkruip nie… Na baie oorreding het my man en my kinders daartoe ingestem dat ons ‘n huis van veiligheid kan word. 

Story of Hope:
Minka’s story

It all started a week ago with an email from the social worker of a hospital in Pretoria, requesting adoptive parents for a baby boy.  The mother will like the baby to be adopted. Could this really be true?

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